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Poker has many means for its lovers, perhaps it is a whole gambling world for its fans across the world. Today, hundreds of games are being found on every casino both online and offline, but poker is among few casino games who are in existence since hundreds of years In fact, many believe that poker like card games had much earlier been available than its official poker form that we see today. In its journey of many centuries, poker has virtually travelled across the world and in the meantime it has been modified severally by every gambling region or place. These gambling regions added many dimensions in poker gameplay that caused several variants of poker games that we find at every money spinning place today; no matter where you search them you will definitely find varied poker forms everywhere. Out of many global poker forms, its community cards based models and its five cards drawn based playing forms are more popular and recognized globally than its other less known forms.

Community Cards Based Poker

No matter which variant you play, the ultimate objective is to have best card’s hand rankings – better than your opponents. However, different variants vary according to their cards dealing, their constructions, and betting rules. Out of them, community cards model is one which is considered very challenging and brain storming. Perhaps, this game is so elite that there are tens of tournaments found to be happening everywhere in the world – throughout the year. It’s also been said that if you could master Poker’s community cards model, you can make your lifetime livelihood using your cards constructions skills. This variant involves only few cards dealing to each player initially and rest cards need to be arranged from community cards which are available to all players. Hence, it depends upon player’s cards management skills how he succeeds to bluff other players to secure a better hand ranking.

Five Cards Drawn Poker

Unlike earlier mentioned variant, here, all five cards are dealt to players initially. A player can look his five dealt cards and plan his strategy. If he finds cards not enough worthy for his requirements, he can ask for the replacement of one or more cards, however he can exercise this option for a limited number of times agreeing to the place where he is playing. Finally, it’s the showdown time when player’s final five cards are being compared with winnable hand rankings. He wins if he could club a winnable hand ranking. This playing format is more popular in video poker games which happen to be a relaxed version of community cards based poker.

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