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Poker has many means for its lovers, perhaps it is a whole gambling world for its fans across the world. Today, hundreds of games are being found on every casino both online and offline, but poker is among few casino games who are in existence since hundreds of years In fact, many believe that poker like card games had much earlier been available than its official poker form that we see today. In its journey of many centuries, poker has virtually travelled across the world and in the meantime it has been modified severally by every gambling region or place. These gambling regions added many dimensions in poker gameplay that caused several variants of poker games that we find at every money spinning place today; no matter where you search them you will definitely find varied poker forms everywhere. Out of many global poker forms, its community cards based models and its five cards drawn based playing forms are more popular and recognized globally than its other less known forms. Continue reading

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Promotions, promotions, and promotions, this is the core mantra of online casino industry where every casino is fighting for its survival. Actually, the money this industry involves attracts voluminous casino operators who want to encash the high rising popularity of online casino games. However, the legendary online casinos, which are responsible for this mammoth growth of online gambling industry, are not using blurry marketing strategies; perhaps, they are still following the same path of their glory as they have been doing since nineteen century when there were only handful online casinos presented. Today, you can actually not count how many online casinos are there, so each of them needs to do blasting promotions to remain in the league. This overcrowded industry is the home of millions of casino buffs who have always been in love with casino games for their online gambling curiosity, fun, and money of course! As the gaming technology is refining, more players are impending into casino industry’s probable players’ list. Continue reading

Slots tournaments are the best thing to happen with online casino operators. Being a widely online played game, slots tournaments often attract hundreds of players to participate in them. There’re, virtually, tens of tournaments being played at any point of time, yet; each of them gets enough number of players to meet casinos target number of players. This is the impact of gigantic slots popularity in online gaming market. Every casino organizes many slots tournaments every now and then, perhaps; online casinos offer many lucrative discounted tournaments entry to new players joining them with certain conditions. Besides a reduced entry, buy-in tournaments often carry a specific starting stack and maximum allowable time to use the complete stack by every participating player. In this way, there can be four possible modules for any online slots tournament, and online gaming strategy is different for all these modules. Continue reading

Online gambling is a new phenomenon coming into existence only in the late twentieth century. So, in a mean, it’s in its adolescent age of maturity. Indeed, online gambling is a new marvel, yet; it has seen an unparallel growth in its short span of life. Internet boom has also gave online gambling many dimensions altogether. Nowadays, online gambling is a fast money-spinning mode, and uncounted number of players is using various online means to make this happen. Online casinos and sport books are the prime destinations for anyone willing to enjoy online gambling with lots of offerings. Perhaps, online gambling market has grown to billions of dollars every year, and if it continues at the same speed, it’s going to be an uncontrollable industry in next few decades. The unimaginable growth has stunned global policy makers, and forced them to come up with a gambling regulatory legislation that can control the unfair advantage being taken by unorganized and illegal online casinos operating on foreign soils. Black Friday is a well-known example of lawmaker’s desperation resulting in havoc among US online players who used foreign gamming operators services for spinning their money online. So, legality issue should be the prime concern for any online gamer willing to join any online casino for his online gambling needs. Continue reading

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